A Day in the Life of a Marketing Manager

Making Your Mark

Renee Cooper’s role as marketing director for an Atlanta law firm requires creativity, and lots of social media savvy. Take her podcasts, interviewing her boss regarding legal questions many people might have. She’s named it the Pocket Lawyer Podcast. Who doesn’t need a lawyer in their pocket? 

To Renee, marketing involves telling a story–getting it out there so that people will recognize the business later if they ever need it. She shares some great marketing ideas during the show! No matter how big or small a venture is, it’s great to have ways to tell its story. 

Some of the exact skills Renee uses in her day job translate perfectly in her role as media relations director for Atlanta’s MomoCon. Tune in to hear Renee’s tips on how to cosplay on a budget, using PoshMark to buy second hand, and adapting the Japanese “maid cafe” concept into a popup at an abandoned Atlanta convenience store.

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