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12 Best Organic Beverage Sources of 2024

As consumers have grown more health-conscious, organic beverage options have grown exponentially in recent years. Today, there are countless organic beverage options available on the market, from juices and smoothies to coffees and teas.

With so many choices out there, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to finding the best organic beverage options. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best organic beverage sources.

Finding the right organic meat, snacks, clothes, and groceries takes some time, but it’s worth it in the long run!

What are the best organic beverage sources?

Here are the best organic beverage sources. I look at places you can buy teas, coffees, juices, and smoothies. Find what works for you to bring to your job!

1. Pique

Pique Tea landing page


Pique combines the founder’s passion for tea and science to create organic beverages that have your skin, immunity, digestion, and energy needs in mind. Pique’s products range from electrolyte drinks, a 7-day fast cleanse, to teas that you can incorporate into your everyday routine. 


  • Products offered by health benefits and what you want to target Radiant Skin – Supplements and Radiant Skin Trio, which includes Matcha, Beauty Elixir, and Supplements
    • Immune Support – Supplements, Tumeric and Green tea 
    • Digestion – Matcha, Black, and Green tea
    • Calm Energy – Matcha Coffee Detox, Matcha and Green tea
  • Various product types to fit your lifestyle
    • Supplements
    • Green Tea
    • Black Tea 
    • Herbal Tea 

Pique has so much to offer each individual, no matter their target goal, and it provides ways to incorporate its products into your life for every budget.


Pique offers a subscribe and save option, or you can purchase products individually. 

  • Subscribe and save 10% off your order every time and fully customizable products and subscription terms. 
  • You can buy individual products or order in bulk if you choose to purchase individually. Pique’s prices range from $14 – $200 

Bottom Line

Pique is for the committed organic enthusiast or the beginner. What is so unique about Pique tea and supplements; they have a beverage for every stage of health-buff. The best part is they have a special offer when you start your Pique skincare routine. You can get:

  • Double Radiance Routine
    • For brightening and collagen production 
    • Retail: $116 → your price: $104
  • Matcha Beauty Bundle Routine
    • For help to defend against free radical and healthy aging 
    • Retail: $179 → your price: $116
  • Radiant Skin Trio Routine
    • To cover all your bases
    • Retail: $148 → your price: $133

Pique is fantastic for anyone on their organic health journey, and they have many packages. 

2. Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee landing page


Lifeboost knows what organic and health mean. Their coffee beans are non-GMO, mycotoxin, and chemical-free. They are so particular about their standards that only 2% of coffee meets their quality standards-only; 2% of coffee worldwide from light roast, dark roast, and decaf coffee for those that don’t need the caffeine but are just as addicted to the flavor. 


  • All of Lifeboost’s coffee has a naturally low-acidity 
  • They ship nationwide 
  • The rewards system includes:
    • $4 back in rewards for every $100 spent
    • Annual birthday gift
    • When you donate to a cause, you receive extra perks
      • Every 100 perks you earn = $5. 
    • Three VIP tiers
      • Lifeboost VIP: Free 
      • Lifeboost VIP GOLD: $300 annual spend 
      • Lifeboost VIP BLACK: $750 yearly spend 

Lifeboost provides healthy coffee drinks for coffee lovers and all the benefits of organic beverages. 


The price ranges for Lifeboost Coffee range from the type of coffee, how many bags you’re looking to purchase and whether you want to subscribe to their coffee packages to save. 

  • Ground or whole bean coffee
    • Ranges from $24 to $20/bag when you buy multiple
  • Go bags – tea bags, but COFFEE.
    • Ranges from $30 to $21/bag when you buy multiple 
  • Subscribe and Save
    • Lifeboost allows you to set up auto-delivery every week to every 12 weeks. 

Their pricing and flexibility make it easy for health enthusiasts that don’t want to give up coffee to order and get their favorite flavor delivered to their door. 

Bottom Line

Lifeboost Coffee checks all the boxes, from variations of healthy beverages, delivery packages, affordable pricing, low-acidity coffee beans, non-GMO, and fairly traded. 

Their website was easy to navigate and provided a ton of information that allows you to look over their products and reviews. 

3. Jim’s Organic Coffee

Jim's Organic Coffee website


Jim’s Organic Coffee has been producing quality beverages since 1996. The greatest thing about Jim’s Organic Coffee is that their energy consumption for the roasting process comes from 100% wind energy, making them sustainable in more ways than one. It is truly the symbol for a farm to roast to homebrew. 


Jim understands how to offer organic beverages in a wide variety: 

  • Single-origin coffee
  • Light/medium/dark roast
  • Decaf
  • Flavored
  • Cold-brew cans
  • Flavored coffee

Delivery options are diversified too: 

  • Wholesale 
  • Brewing
  • Grocery wholesale
  • Subscriptions 


Jim’s Organic Coffee is quite an affordable route when starting your organic beverage journey. 

  • Prices range from $12.99 – $15.45 for single bags of ground coffee
  • Six-packs cold brew cans price at $29.70 
  • 12 packs of cold brew cans priced at $54.00 
  • Free shipping on 12-packs.

Jim’s Organic Coffee offers to subscribe and save, and every shipment will save you 15%, and you can choose between getting your organic coffee fix every 2-12 weeks. 

Bottom Line

Starting your health or organic journey doesn’t mean you need to eliminate caffeine. Jim’s Organic Coffee gives you the caffeine fix at an affordable price, offers a ton of variety, and gives you peace of mind that your coffee is created and shipped sustainably to help Mother Earth. 

A long tradition of a small business curated from farm to home brew means you get quality and an organic beverage that holds high standards.

4. Strictly Organic Coffee

Strictly Organic Coffee landing page


Strictly Organic Coffee is the cutest coffee shop and makes you want to move to Oregon City and live a healthy organic lifestyle. Everyone loves supporting a local small business, and since 1999, Richard and Rhonda have thoroughly embarrassed the organic beverage philosophy. 

Strictly Organic Coffee provides: 

  • 100% organic coffee
  • 100% fair trade
  • Biodegradable cups
  • 100% organic milk
  • They recycle their ground coffee and food by-products/scraps to local farms as mulch.
  • Recycled paper and plastic products

It’s safe to say, they have fully embodied the organic, healthy, and sustainable business philosophy. 


This sustainable and organic beverage shop has coffee, gift cards, hazelnuts, hazelnut butter, and even water tumblers that can be ordered online and shipped to you. 

They also have a local cafe and coffee shop in Oregon City where they provide: 

  • Breakfast burritos
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Cereals, parfaits, and bagels 
  • Tacos
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Rice bowls
  • Kombucha, produce, bakery items, teas, spices, apparel, and grocery bags

I don’t think there is an item that Strictly Organic Coffee doesn’t provide to its local and national customers. 


  • Cafe items range from $6 to $12, so fairly average for a ‘family-style’ local cafe. 
  • Bags of coffee are $16, with their specialty decaf Komodo mountain water processed coffee priced at $17
  • Tumblers and other merchandise range from $12 to $30

Bottom Line 

If you’re a coffee lover looking to start your organic health journey, Strictly Organic Coffee offers excellent products at an affordable price. 

As if Strictly Organic Coffee needed more reasons to rank high on the good list, their website was very well organized and gave that family-owned business feel. Their coffee and other products were advertised and photographed well. 

5. Raw Revelations

Raw Revelations landing page


Founders Colin and Marilyn started their organic journey when Colin’s mother got sick after creating raw and healthy combinations that were a “revelation.” Raw Revelations is genuinely a DIY organic and health-centric business. This powerhouse family-owned business vets every ingredient and source they use in their products. They test each batch for quality and develop their products. 


The sheer amount of products that Raw Revelations offers is astounding, with around 74 products available to their customers. They offer products in the following categories: 

  • Cacao products
  • Coconut products
  • Drink mixes
  • Essential fats
  • Herbs
  • Minerals and salt
  • Mushrooms
  • Proteins
  • Sweeteners and spices
  • Tea 
  • Liquids
  • Vegan diet supplements 

The best part of their product offerings is the amount of range in their prices that they also offer customers. 


As mentioned above, Raw Revelations offers over 74 products, and the price ranges accommodate just as many budgets. 

  • Their products range from $6 to $45 
  • Their powders are the bulk of their products and fall between $6 and $45 
  • Their price depends on the rarity or specialty of the powdered product 
  • They also have liquid and pill supplements ranging from $16 to $45. 
  • Their sale page features powders from $15.20 to $28.80 

Raw Revelation is a bit pricier, but that’s because of its ingredients and the process that Raw Revelations goes through to ensure the highest quality. 

Bottom Line 

Raw Revelations were created with the mission of a healthy and organic lifestyle, which is what they provide for their customers. They offer a variety of products to choose from, depending on what package and healthy journey you choose. Raw Revelations prices their items based on their rarity and specialty, making each product unique and tailored to a specific requirement. 

This family-owned business knows what they’re doing with organic and healthy living. Also worth mentioning is their incredible journey and story. This family-owned business is incredibly dedicated to anyone’s health journey, and that shows on their website and through their products

6. Organifi

Organifi website


Organifi strives to provide its customers with a long-term solution to health, one that’s not complicated or filled with ‘empty promises.’ Organifi uses superfoods as the primary health ingredient in their organic beverages. 

Organifi prides itself on its entire system that empowers people with support and accountability. 


The basis of Organifi’s offerings revolves around green, red, and gold juice blends. They couple this with:

  • Protein
  • Dietary supplements
  • Superfood dietary supplements

Organifi has various kits that they pack with the best combinations of their superfood juice and supplements. They also offer a rewards system where you get 50 points just for signing up. Organifi’s reward system:

  • 1 point per dollar on a purchase
  • 2 points per dollar on a subscription service
  • 1000 points for purchase or when you subscribe for three consecutive months
  • 100 points = $5 off your next order 
  • 200 points = $10 off your next order 

You can redeem these points for their juice or supplements or merchandise products like a mug, frother, water bottle, or tote bag. 


Their pricing can be overwhelming as there is a lot to it, but we will break it down: 

  • A canister (9.8oz) of their superfood juice powder is $69.95 
  • You can buy more at once and save 13% 
  • You can also subscribe and save for an additional 15% and free shipping on each purchase 
  • Their supplement pills (30 capsules) are $27.99 
  • You can buy more and save 26% 
  • You can subscribe and save for the 15% and free shipping on every order 
  • Their go-packs (.23oz each) are $39.98 for 14 go-packs
  • Buy more and save 20% 
  • Subscribe and save for 15% and free shipping on every order 
  • Their kits range from around $125 to $238 for the complete health kit 
  • You can buy more and save for each kit 
  • You can subscribe and save for each kit for 15% and free shipping
  • You can build your kit, which includes three items, and save 20%

While their pricing guide may not be super user-friendly, they have many options for different goals and journeys when you break it all down. 

Bottom Line

Organifi has a lot to offer its customers, with various products and perks. It can be a bit pricey, but it all depends on your price range and what stage you are at in your health and organic beverage journey. 

They have a reward system that is easy to understand and allows you to gain points and rewards quickly. The overall health experience motivates them and doesn’t fill customers with empty health promises the company can’t uphold. 

7. Smoothie Box

Smoothie Box website


Smoothie Box is a smoothie subscription box where based on your flavor choices, they prepare the ingredients and ship them to your door for FREE. Smoothie Box is like Hello Fresh, but for smoothies. They can ship their smoothie boxes with fresh or flash-frozen fruits and vegetables, ensuring they meet your product preferences. 


Smoothie Box allows you to choose your box size and smoothie flavors

  • Box 1
    • The four most popular flavors 
    • Each flavor has five smoothie mixes
      • Berry
      • Chocolate
      • Strawberry
      • Mango 
  • Box 2
    • All six flavors 
    • Each flavor has five smoothie mixes
      • Berry
      • Chocolate
      • Green
      • Orange
      • Strawberry
      • Mango 
  • Box 3
    • You can customize your box by picking your favorite flavors. You can mix and match; this way, you get only the flavors you know you’ll love. 
    • Smoothie boosters. You can add these to your chosen smoothie mixes to add a boost.
      • Vegan protein (Chocolate)
      • Whey protein (Chocolate)
      • Collagen
      • SuperGreens
      • Vegan Protein (Vanilla)
      • Whey protein (Vanilla) 

As if all of this wasn’t enough for your new smoothie kick, they also have a ton of challenge recipes and guides that are free to download on their website. These give you a chance to experiment and try variations of flavors.


Smoothie Boxes’ pricing is straightforward, without any gimmicks or confusion for purchasing packages. 

  • Box 1
  • $104 retail 
  • Subscribe and save will save you $25 on every order 
  • Box 2
  • $168.50 
  • Subscribe and save will save you $25 on every order 
  • Box 3
  • Each smoothie flavor is $32.50 
  • Each flavor comes with 5 mixes (5 days of a daily smoothie) 

Unfortunately, Smoothie Box does not offer an individual purchase option, so you need to create a box if you want to test them out. 

Bottom Line 

Smoothie Box has a variety of flavors to offer, and you can get them delivered to you every few weeks. The best thing about Smoothie Box is that it caters to many different people and demographics; if you’re not a big tea drinker, Pique might not have been for you. The same goes for Jim’s Organic Coffee and Lifeboost Coffee if you’re not a coffee drinker. 

Smoothie Box is something that I would personally enjoy and their flavors sound so yummy. The colors of them alone make me want to purchase a box. 

8. American Wild Foods

American Wild Foods Website


American Wild Foods prides itself on non-GMO and raw, wild, and organic beverages. American Wild Foods gets the best quality ingredients for their teas and milk mixture products, including: 

  • Synthetic additive-free
  • Non-cloned
  • Pesticide-free
  • Free of refined sugar


American Wild Foods offers a range of options from tea and milk mixtures to other products like food, recipe books, and more. 

  • Ashwamilk 
  • Chagamilk
  • Chag-O-Charge tea
  • Chagablack tea
  • Chagawhite tea
  • Gingamax 
  • Gingamax tea
  • Livalatte drink mix
  • Macamilk drink mix
  • NAHS NutraMilk pack 

They have a selection for anyone looking to take a deep dive into organic beverages, mainly tea. 


American Wild Foods prices their products ranging from $12.99 to $64.99, which is the NAHS NutraMilk pack of 3. There is quite a variety in price, and depending on your overall goal and what level of organic beverage health you’re on, you’ll be able to find something from American Wild Foods within your price range.  

Bottom Line

They offer a variety of high-quality, raw beverages to kick-start your organic beverage journey or keep it going. There is no shortage of products with American Wild Foods. Their website was a bit dry and wasn’t providing the customer browsing with a ton of in-depth information about their product offerings. 

9. Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs website


Mountain Rose Herbs holds deep roots in sustainability, fair trade, zero waste, energy efficiency, and supporting other organic, sustainable, and zero waste companies and organizations. 

They pride themselves on journaling and local herb growers. Mountain Rose Herbs also has an affiliate program for its products. 


As far as organic beverages go, Mountain Rose Herbs specializes in teas, including: 

  • Herbal: caffeine-free
    • 43 varieties 
  • Flavored: well-balanced botanical ingredients
    • 20 varieties
  • Black: higher caffeine concentration
    • 20 varieties
  • Green & white: contains antioxidants and vital properties
    • 20 varieties
  • Chai & mate: traditional teal drinks
    • 9 varieties
  • Red & rooibos: naturally sweet flavor
    • 12 varieties 

Whether you are a chai tea lover, herbal tea lover, or you need that caffeine boost, but coffee isn’t for you; Mountain Rose Herbs has quite the array of varieties to choose from. 


Because of the large variety of teas and the amount you can purchase, Mountain Rose Herbs prices vary.

  • Flavored tea is comparatively more expensive with their Peach Cookie Genmaicha priced at $49.50 for 1lb, and $21.50 for a typical retail tin 
  • Their flavored tea overall ranges from $5.25 to $49.50
  • Prices range from $5.25 to $49.50 for 

Mountain Rose Herbs does not offer a subscription to save, but they have a clearance and sale page for their teas and other products. 

Bottom Line 

Mountain Rose Herbs provides quality tea, a large variety to cater to any type of tea lover, and an incredibly affordable price range. They also have a range of other tea and herb-related products to go with your purchase of tea. I am in love with how they designed their website and the product photography is incredible to look at. 

10. North American Herb and Spice

North American Herb and Spice website


North American Herb and Spice offer an entire host of raw ingredients in their products from supplements to teas; however, they have a larger selection of supplements, they still have a variety of tea to choose from.


  • Chagablack tea
    • 3.2 ounces
    • Coffee substitute 
    • Ethically harvested 
  • Chag-o-charge tea
    • 3.2 ounces 
    • Vitamin-rich 
  • Chaga dunkers
    • 12 bags
    • Sourced from the Canadian wilderness
  • Hearty-hibiscus tea
    • 5 ounces 
    • Sourced from the Mediterranean mountains
    • Ethically harvested
    • Free of chemical and synthetic additives 
  • Sage-o-soothe tea
    • 3.2 ounces
    • 1 ingredient 

Each of North American Herb and Spice’s teas is packed with raw herbs and spices that each caters to a specific goal/area. All of their teas are also either ethically sourced or handmade, making it sustainable and a great way to get your organic beverage fix. 


North American Herb and Spice have their teas priced a bit on the higher side, especially compared to some of the other organic beverage companies we covered previously. 

  • Chag-o-charge tea
    • $29.99 for 3.2 ounces
    • You can also subscribe and save 5% off your order 
  • Chaga dunkers
    • $12.99 – this one is more on the affordable side as they are tea bags 
    • You can subscribe and save 5% off your order
  • Chagablack tea
    • $39.99 for 3.2 ounces
    • You can subscribe and save 5% off your order
  • Hearty-hibiscus tea
    • $34.99 for 5 ounces
    • You can subscribe and save 5% off your order 
  • Sage-o-soothe tea
    • $29.99 for 3.2 ounces 
    • You can subscribe and save 5% off your order 

As mentioned, unlike some of the other organic beverage companies we mentioned, this one is a bit on the pricier side, but you are getting high-quality tea, made with ingredients that are ethically sourced and handmade. 

Bottom Line

North American Herb and Spice offer a variety of teas for any tea lover to incorporate into their organic and health-centric lifestyle. They also have a variety of other supplements and products to complement their tea. This website, unfortunately, felt a bit ‘spammy’, and dry. There was information missing from some of the product descriptions and it wasn’t very clear.

They are pricier, and their website isn’t the best, but you are getting high-quality ingredients. They do have the option to subscribe and save, unlike the last company we covered. 

11. Myriad Mycology 

Myriad Mycology landing page



Myriad Mycology has a range of products that customers can browse through, including: 

  • Mushroom powder
  • You can add this to all kinds of beverages or food
  • Fruity body extract
  • With a variety of health benefits that can be added to food and beverages 

Their products are extremely high quality and have a shelf life of three years after the processing date; so you can continue to gain health benefits from their medical mushroom products for years. 


Their powder products are all priced at $25 for 150 grams or $55 for 1lb. Their body tinctures are priced at $25 as a flat rate, and their Cordyceps fruity body extract is priced at $30. 

Bottom Line

The emerging medical mushroom usage for their incredible health benefits is something you’ll want to try. Myriad Mycology has a wide variety of products to choose from and one of the highest quality products you can find domestically produced. Myriad Mycology’s prices are affordable and can fit in just about anyone’s budget. 

12. Lotus Blooming Herbs

Lotus Blooming Herbs landing page


Lotus Blooming Herbs prides themselves on authentic Shilajit, which is a powder of resin that develops because of the decomposition of plants on high mountain rocks. It’s incredibly interesting and the founder of Lotus Blooming Herbs took his first Shilajit experience to heart and created this company. 

Shilajit is typically added to hot water to make a tea-type beverage. 


Lotus Blooming Herbs only offers two products: 

  • Authentic Chyawanprash
    • Supports digestion, respiratory health, immunity, skin, and heart health
  • Authentic Shilajit
    • Supports metabolism, immunity, reproductive health, energy, and nutrient absorption 

They are incredibly dedicated to the primary mission of Lotus Blooming Herbs and that is providing customers with an incredible heath-centric lifestyle.


Authentic Chyawanprash 

  • $29.99 for 12.3 ounces
  • $59.99 for 10 grams of pure Shilajit

Bottom Line

If you are interested in a new organic beverage and lifestyle change, that isn’t typically offered in your local grocery store or in any of the previous companies we mentioned, Lotus Blooming Herbs has got that covered. The founder’s story and journey from first discovering the product to selling it to others to enhance their life was definitely inspiring.

The price is a direct reflection of the quality and potency of the product, and one that has incredible health benefits for anyone.

What does it mean for a drink to be organic? 

Organic beverages are those that are typically not genetically changed, have synthetic additives or flavors, and do not use pesticides in the production of their product. When a drink is organic, it also means that the services that provide organic beverages are environmentally conscious and protect natural water supplies, soil, and biodiversity. 

If you want to make sure something is truly organic and meets the best standards out there, look for the USDA organic label.

What drinks are organic?

Some of the more common and “household name” products you see in stores that are organic include; Bai antioxidant water, Suja, Honest Kids juice, Roar electrolyte water, Kevita, and probiotic beverages. Organic beverages are becoming more of a conscious choice for buyers. 

What are the best places to buy organic beverages?

When buying organic drinks, you can always look at your local grocery stores or farmer’s markets. Places like Whole Foods, Sprouts, or Trader Joe’s will have a variety of organic drinks. If you’re in an area where these physical stores are not an option, check out these websites and companies we go over below. They offer packages, and subscription boxes delivered every few weeks as rewards, sustainable shopping, and peace of mind. 

If you’re a coffee or tea snob, your grocery store might not have what you want in the first place. If that’s you, then don’t ignore these delicious and healthy recommendations.

Is organic coffee better for health

Organic coffee, in the sense of how it is produced and the lack of pesticides that are used to treat the coffee plants, yes. Organic coffee, especially some ones we mentioned in this article, is a healthier alternative to going to Starbucks or getting regular coffee from your local grocery store. 

How is organic coffee different from regular coffee?

In the same way that all organic food differs from regular non-organic food, it comes down to how they produce/products are treated during production by not using pesticides and the companies that make them, and how environmentally conscious they are. As we saw with the examples above, these organic companies are extremely environmentally conscious and make it a point to put the environment first. 

What does organic tea do for you?

Organic tea helps to boost the antioxidants that are present in your body and help maintain homeostasis and a healthy balance of bacteria. Your body has both good and bad bacteria, and in order for your immune system to stay at its prime operating capacity, organic tea gives your body the good bacteria it needs. 

What does it mean for a tea to be organic?

Organic tea does not use any pesticides, chemicals, or chemical fertilizers to grow or process the tea. Tea that is free of these chemicals is incredible for your health and doesn’t add to any bad bacteria in your body, but provides it with that good bacteria it needs. 

Final Thoughts 

Organic, organic, organic. You’ll be seeing a lot more green juices on Instagram. If it’s not organic or Trader Joe’s, it will not get much hype from Gen Z in 2022.

2022 is the time to start your organic beverage journey or dive into it wholeheartedly. We mentioned twelve incredible organic drink companies that not only adhere to strict organic and health-centric standards but uphold the environment as well. Your next goal or resolution might be to switch that Starbucks out with some of Jim’s Organic Coffee. 

If you’re looking to take the next step on your own holistic health journey, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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