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Holistic Health Coaching

Do you feel like your life is off balance? Do you have issues with food, sleep, mental clarity, or physical tension? You might want to work with a holistic health coach who can run lab tests and assessments to find out which areas of your body might be out of balance.

My husband and I offer holistic health coaching programs that include lab testing and personalized nutrition plans. I am a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 (HLC2) from the Chek Institute and certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P).

What is holistic health?

Holistic health is a philosophy that takes care of the whole person. It means considering all aspects of your life, including not only what you eat but also how you live and move.

Holistic health looks at:

  • Mindset: your thoughts, beliefs and emotions
  • Physical activity: your physical health and how you move throughout the day at work or home
  • Nutrition: eating foods to enhance your energy levels as well as overall wellbeing
  • Sleep: getting enough high-quality sleep to feel rested and refreshed
  • Stress management: taking time for yourself each day to relax and de-stress
  • Breath: ensuring that you’re getting yourself enough oxygen and not shallow breathing
  • Environment: the things in your life that affect your health, including toxins, relationships, and pollution

Health and lifestyle are deeply intertwined. When we improve both of those factors, our overall health improves tremendously.

I know because I’ve lived it myself!


My holistic health journey

Right around the time the pandemic started, I began a serious health transformation. The most noticeable difference was that, in less than six months, I lost around 60 pounds!

At first, I felt complicated about the weight loss. I’d come to the point where I’d accepted myself as I was and thought I was at my “normal” body weight. Now my physical health is top notch, which I could not say before.

However, I came to realize that was not my full potential. I had a lot of health issues I thought were normal. Now my skin, hair, and nails look great!

For years, I dealt with chronic pain in my hip and back due to inflammation. Now, I rarely have to deal with inflammation. When it occurs, I can pinpoint what caused it.

Overall, I’m more focused and productive. I’m able to manage my energy levels through natural self-care practices.

In a very simplistic way, my secret has been diet and exercise. Eating whole, organic, and real food and just moving! I work a 9 to 5 desk job and overall traditionally lived a very sedentary lifestyle. I learned how to incorporate movement throughout my day in a manageable and enjoyable way.

Health is a marathon, not a sprint. The “once size fits all” approach may work for some, but it does not work for all. Becoming optimal health requires a holistic approach. Holistic health and wellness models look at the mind, body, and spirit of a person, rather than isolating one specific area.

I’m grateful that I went through a practical journey of health first, which was then boosted by theory later. I realized nothing beats experience.

As someone with a thirst for knowledge (I’m in Ravenclaw), I decided to learn more about the science behind how holistic health works. I enrolled in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, where we learn to look at the overall function of the body and not isolated symptoms. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition cost me a pretty penny, but it taught me a lot!

I learned the body is a complex ecosystem, so where one area is out of balance, another will compensate. When we chase symptoms, we’re not looking at the whole picture.

Most of the mainstream health programs and diets fail because they don’t focus on all three aspects of health: nutrition, movement, and rest. Touching all three of these on a daily basis can bring us to our full health potential. 

I’m still working toward my potential, but I’m a lot closer now! I’d tried a lot of things beforehand, but nothing has given me the long-lasting results that I see now.


Working with a holistic health coach

Interested in working with a team that sees your challenges from a holistic health standpoint? We firmly believe that you can manage your own health through learning about a holistic health approach.

We’ll do a series of assessments and/or lab tests to get a baseline for your health as it is now.

Assessments are written questionnaires that you take that will provide me with key insights into your current stress levels, diet, and other lifestyle factors.

Lab tests can help to identify problems such as food allergies, hormone imbalances, and deficiencies in key nutrients.

Once we know what might be contributing to any imbalances in your body, we can work together to create a plan to get you back on track.

How does it work?

I partner with my husband to offer comprehensive health coaching services.

  • Initial consultation with us
    • Get a brief idea of your goals and desires, 
    • Discuss briefly what’s going on with you – why are you coming to us?
    • Share how we operate
    • Cost: 30 minutes for $80. If you decide to continue working with us, that $80 goes as a credit to your custom-designed program.
  • You do some assessments tailored to your needs
    • After the initial consultation, we’ll select the best possible assessments for your condition and pocket 
    • Assessments could include: lab testing and/or written questionnaires to assess your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Wereview assessments and design your program
    • We deeply analyze your assessment(s) and create a customized program for you to follow.
    • Your program could include, but is not limited to: nutrition, detoxification, EMF safety, energy work, exercises, strengthening and stability, and all-around holistic lifestyle coaching so you can be at your best. 
  • You follow your program for 6 weeks at a minimum
    • As needed, we will reevaluate your progress and adjust accordingly

How much does it cost?

1:1 Coaching – $120/hr 

Package Options
  • Holistic Lifestyle Package: $240
    • includes initial consult, assessments, and custom-designed program
  • Holistic Lifestyle Package + Lab Tests: $480
    • includes initial consult, assessments, lab tests, and custom-designed program
  • Custom Package: starts at $720
    • includes initial consult, assessments, custom-designed program, and additional 1:1 coaching 
List of lab tests from Vibrant Wellness
Lab test options from Vibrant Wellness, one of my partner labs

A la carte lab tests

Already working with someone and just want a lab test? No problem!

Here’s a sample of the common tests that I run with pricing information.


Cost of lab tests you want plus separate interpretation and recommendation fees depending on how many tests you want and the complexity.

Here’s how pricing would work for the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test.


I want to give you as many options as possible without leaving you hanging! If you just want the test, great. If you want a little extra guidance, no problem!

Your Team

Borko Sijacic, HHP, USPTR Pro, CP2, HLC2

Rachel Miles, FDN-P, HLC2, BioGeometry Student, renaissance coach.

Ready to get started?

What are your biggest health challenges? How can I help? If you’d like to work with us, fill out the following interest form and we’ll get back to you!