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55 Best Organic Clothing Brands of 2024

Shopping intentionally and for eco-friendly, sustainable options can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to look; however, we’ve got you covered.

We came up with the ultimate list of the best online organic cotton, natural fibers, and eco-friendly clothing stores to help you feel less overwhelmed when you shop sustainably. We will compare and contrast each store by going over what each store is best for, their price and size range, the sustainable materials they use, and where they’re providing sustainable clothing options from.

What are the best organic clothes?

When it comes to shopping for the best organic clothes online, the best clothing stores consist of non-toxic dyes, sustainable and ethical supply-chain procedures, organic cotton and other natural materials, and typically low-impact or no-impact environmentally friendly packaging. All of the companies listed in this article have adopted and embraced each one of these characteristics and taken them to new heights.

Natural fibers

Rawganique | Best for women’s basics and intimates

word image 1072 42

Headquarters | Denman Island, CAN

Price Range | $$$

Size Range | S-XXL

Materials Used | Cotton, linen, and hemp

Rawganique hand creates each of their products and the main reason for that is because they themselves ar sensitive to chemicals, so by creating their own products themselves they can ensure what does and doesn’t go into the fabric.

They homestead and grow their own produce, so Rawganique practices what they preach and sell; which is one strong company and personal value to have.

Groceries Apparel | Best for unique and sustainable essentials

word image 1072 30

Headquarters | Los Angeles, CA

Price Range | $$$

Size Range | XS-XL

Materials Used | Eucalyptus fiber, hemp, and organic cotton

Groceries Apparel uses natural and raw materials as their clothing dye, so not only do they have sustainable and organic materials and fabrics, but they take full advantage of items like used coffee grounds to get the colors of each piece.

Their clothes are 100% vegetable-dyed avoiding the use of harsh chemicals while simultaneously repurposing food scraps. Talk about eco-conscious!

Pact | Best for adult and kids’ clothing, bed, and bath

word image 1072 1

Headquarters | Boulder, CO
Price Range | $-$$
Size Range | XS-2XL
Materials Used | Organic cotton

All of Pact’s clothes are made with sustainable organic cotton in a fair trade factory, which means clean conditions and fair wages, and each product tells you how many gallons of water were saved, the carbon offset, and the number of people at each fair trade factories that made each product.

This level of transparency is hard if not impossible to come by with big name-brand stores. No hard feelings if you stop reading to go buy from this incredible brand, but come back to check out all the other incredible environmentally-friendly clothing brands of 2022!

If you want to take a look at Pact’s line of clothing for yourself, check out your nearest Whole Foods. Be sure to check the label for their clothes. Sometimes they do use polyester and other textiles I wouldn’t consider natural fiber.

Life-Giving Linen | Best for organic linen clothing

word image 1072 44

Headquarters| Kansas, US

Price Range | $$

Size Range | 30-40 (men); 5-13 (women); XS-L

Materials Used | Linen

Life-Giving Linen handmakes all their bed linens, pillowcases and underwear and their linen is GOTS certified. Their belief in healthy eating is coupled with the belief that organic clothes help create a well-rounded healthy livestyle.

Life-Giving Linen is a family owned business that each have their special skills that contribute to the business.

Blue Canoe | Best for women’s sustainable basics

word image 1072 3

Headquarters | San Fransisco, CA

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | S – XL

Materials Used | Organic cotton and rayon made from bamboo

Sustainable fashion is achievable with Blue Canoe, and it was founded on the idea that clothes need to fit the way women live but still be natural clothing made in the USA.

Indigenous | Best for organic, fair trade fashion

word image 1072 5

Headquarters| Sebastopol, CA

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XS – XXL

Materials Used | organic cotton, free-range alpaca, and artisan knits

“As soft on the Earth as it is on your skin,” Indigenous strives to create organic cotton clothing and accessories for all through fair trade fashion. They emphasize the partnership they have between them and the artisans that create the fashion. The artisans are as much a part of the collective as the company itself.

Mata Traders | Best For ethical women’s clothing with a vibrant style

word image 1072 26

Headquarters | Chicago, IL

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XXS-2X

Materials Used | Organic cotton

From hand-woven, block and press printed, and curated in fair-trade factories, Mata Traders’ knows how to incorporate organic cotton and sustainable clothes into everyones lifestyle. They are based out of Chicgao, IL but have over 50 locations globally. Grab a snack and go shopping!

Harvest and Mill | Best for adult basics grown and sewn in the USA

word image 1072 19

Headquarters | Berkeley, CA

Price Range | $$

Size Range | S-XL

Materials Used | Organic cotton

Where to start? Harvest and Mill’s supply-chain is fully contained in the USA and they are organic cotton, low-carbon, carbon neutral, non-toxic, vegan, and use zero plastic packaging. With these great aspects of Harvest and Mill comes ethically sourced and sustainable clothing with comfort and the environment in mind.

Kowtow | Best for women’s knits

word image 1072 20

Headquarters | New Zealand

Price Range | $$$$

Size Range | XXS-XL

Materials Used | 100% organic cotton

Kowtow prides themselves on 100% organic cotton curated from non-GMO seeds. This New Zealand brand uses GOTS certified organic dyes and their supply-chain is completely traceable, which give you peace of mind that their clothes are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Beaumont Organic | Best for women’s wear

word image 1072 21

Headquarters | UK

Price Range | ££££

Size Range | XS-L

Materials Used | 100% organic cotton

Beaumont Organic’s goal is to create contemporary conscious clothing for the modern woman. They’re taking a full dive into the organic cotton, fair trade movement and creating just that. They provide sustainable clothing to their customers by low-impact transport to minimize carbon emissions. Beaumont also plans to introduce circular fashion to their brand by re-selling Beaumont fashion to new homes.

People Tree | Best for women’s organic basics

word image 1072 23

Headquarters | UK

Price Range | $-$$$$

Size Range | S-L ; 8-16; 35-42

Materials Used | Cotton, linen, tencel, wool, denim

People Tree is huge on sustainability and changing the name of fashion. As pioneers of organic fabrics for clothes their mission remains on organic fabrics and susntaible business practices. Certified vegan and fair-trade produced, these styles are long-lasting and conscious of mother Earth.

Monsoon | Best for women, children, and special event fashion

word image 1072 52

Headquarters | London, UK

Price Range |$$-$$$

Size Range | S-XXL; 6-14 (dresses)

Materials Used | Cotton and lenzing ecovero

Monsoon is a lifestyle fashion brand incorporating contemporary designs with sustainable clothes and organic materials. They design in-house and outsource materials globally but ethically. The Monsoon Accessorize Trust supports life-changing projects in income generation, healthcare, and education.

Synergy | Best for organic women’s clothingword image 1072 24

Headquarters| Santa Cruz, CA

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | S-XL

Materials Used | Organic cotton

Synergy organic clothing produces products using sustainable materials that make organic clothing available to all.

Conscious Step | Best for consciously organic comfort accessories

word image 1072 25

Headquarters | Brooklyn, NY

Price Range | $-$$$

Size Range | One size (socks), XXS-XXL (clothes/hoodies)

Materials Used | 100% organic cotton

Conscious step covers all the bases when it comes to sustainability and giving back to the community. Each pair of socks either plants, a tree, protects sharks, saves the turtles, etc. They are 100% vegan and organic, and they donate to tons of partnered charities.

They pride themselves on every pair of sock having a mission driven to protecting and saving the environment and those who are a part of it.

Eileen Fisher | Best for sustainable, circular women’s fashion

word image 1072 29

Headquarters| Irvington, NY

Price Range | $$$$

Size Range | PP-3X

Materials Used | Linen, cotton, cotton gauze, jersey, hemp, terry, ponte, and silk

Eileen Fisher first started her company back in 1950 and has been growing and expanding her positive environmental impact every step of the way. She emphasizes circular fashion which encompasses first, second, and third life clothes that are repurposed and re-made each time to extend the life of each piece.

Obakki | Best for sustainable basics and accessories

word image 1072 33

Headquarters| Vancouver, CAN

Price Range | $$$

Size Range | S-XL

Materials Used | Organic cotton

Obakki’s main driving goal is the collaborating and long-term partnership between the company and the artisans that make the fabrics and products they offer. Anything clothes and accessory related used 100% organic cotton, but they do offer household textiles and goods, jewlery, and kitchen and bath items.

Colorful Standard | Best for men’s and women’s basics

word image 1072 35

Headquarters| Denmark

Price Range | $$

Size Range | XS-2X

Materials Used | 100% cotton and wool

Colorful Standard: zero waste, recycled packaging, sustainable materials, ethical labor practices, trancparency and environmentally friendly dye. All aspects that are not only part of a great sustainable store but the foundation of Colorful Standard.

Nudie Jeans | Best for organic and sustainable jeans that last a lifetime

word image 1072 38

Headquarters | Gothenburg, Sweden

Price Range | $$$

Size Range | 24-38 (waist); 28-36 (length)

Materials Used | Organic cotton

Nudie Jeans believes so heavily in sustainability and conscious shopping that they have a free repair service that lasts for as long as you keep a pair of their jeans. It doesn’t matter where or when you got them, they will repair them for free. This type of service is huge in re-loving and repairing apparel instead of throwing away or giving away items that are damaged.

Unlike a few other companies we’ve covered, if your jeans get damaged, you don’t have to give them back forever, they will fix them and you can re-wear and re-love them again.

Bibico | Best for women’s wear

word image 1072 22

Headquarters| UK

Price Range | ££

Size Range | S-L (US) 8-16 (UK)

Materials Used | Cotton, linen, hemp, wool, tencel

Bibico strives for fashion that lasts made from 100% organic materials. Bibico believes in slow fasion and wants to make that attainable for everyone; they believe in that philosophy so much so that they only produce two collections a year. Bibico uses 100% natural and organic materials produced by fair trade factories so you don’t have to sacrifice the environment for long-lasting clothes.

Ninety Percent | Best for men and women’s workwear

word image 1072 36

Headquarters| London, UK

Price Range | $$$$

Size Range | XXS-XXL

Materials Used | Cotton, linen, hemp, tencel, and seacell

The name Ninety Percent comes from their incredible philanthropic effort of 90% of their profits going to charitable organizations and the artisans behind the garments. Ninety Percent curates “luxury basics to elevate the everyday”.

WVN | Best for women’s essentials, dresses, & skirts

word image 1072 12

Headquarters | Santa Cruz, CA

Price Range | $$-$$$$

Size Range | XS-XL

Materials Used | 100% cotton

Throughout the entire supply-chain process from cotton sourcing, curating the clothes, and shipping their business motto is clean and sustainable. For women’s essentials, dresses and skirts, WVN aims to make sustainable and organic clothing available to everyone, as well as being committed to making the world a better place.

Fair Indigo | Best for organic clothing and sustainable basics

word image 1072 14

Headquarters | Madison, WI

Price Range | $-$$

Size Range | XS-XL

Materials Used | 100% cotton

As one of the sustainable clothing brand, Fair Indigo has a mindset of intentional and deliberate closet choices that have sustainable materials to car for the environment and give back to communities. They have a Fair Indigo Foundation fund that supports teachers, education, and supplies. So far they’ve helped put 367 children through school based on every purchase made. Definitely one to consider for womens sustainable clothing.

Bhumi | Best for men’s and women’s basics and intimates

word image 1072 39

Headquarters| South Yarra

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XS-XL

Materials Used | Organic cotton, sateen, linen, flannel, and jersey

Bhumi literary translates to “mother earth”, and their sustainable men’s and women’s basics cater to that philosophy. Their organic clothing lines have non-toxic dyes, use fair trade factories, and curate sustainable luxury clothing as well as bedding and bath products.

Kings of Indigo | Best for everything organic denim

word image 1072 37

Headquarters | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price Range | $$$

Size Range | 28-38 (men); 24-31 (women); XS-XL

Materials Used | Cotton, hemp, linen, tencel-lyocell, tencel refibra, and modal

Kings of Indigo operates under fiver pillars of sustainability in order to continue to be pioneers in the world of sustainable slow-fashion. Planet friendly materials, water use, social responsibility, transport and waste consciousness. They hope to change the narrative around purchasing clothes and shifting the mindset from constantly buying new and improved to repairing, and consciously choosing to purchase long-lasting apparel.

Armed Angels | Best for sustainable and organic cotton fashion

word image 1072 48

Headquarters| Cologne, Germany

Price Range | $-$$

Size Range | XS-XXL

Materials Used | Cotton and wood

Armed Angels stresses the need for environmental and social responsibility, not only to the planet but also to each other. Their circulatory fashion and statements ensure that the environment is the primary goal and a change of conversation.

Esprit | Best for sustainable clothes for all ages

word image 1072 47

Headquarters | Germany & Hong Kong

Price Range | $-$$

Size Range | XS-XXL

Materials Used | Cotton, tencel, and denim

Esprit is circular, sustainable fashion for children and adults, they debuted their first ‘ecollection’ made of 100% cotton in the 90’s. Esprit hold heavy beliefs in changing the conversation around social and ecological aspect. They stress to individuals to dress the way they feel comfortable, and that’s the basis for their design elements and their sustainable clothes. They’re similar to Danu Organic.

Mavi | Best for luxury denim

word image 1072 51

Headquarters | Kagithane, Istanbul

Price Range |$-$$

Size Range | XS-L; 22-36 (waist); 26-36 (length)

Materials Used | Denim and cotton

Mavi has become a pioneer for luxury denim that’s the perfect fit curated with sustainable materials. Mavi originated in Istanbul in 1991 and is recognized as international apparel brand with superior quality and fabric innovations.

Nomad Clothing | Best for organic cotton clothing and sustainable fair trade fashion

word image 1072 6

Headquarters| UK

Price Range | ££-£££

Size Range | 8-20

Materials Used | 100% cotton

Nomad Clothing is committed to ethical and fair trade since 1989, the company’s journey includes everyone, and they make that apparent in their brand statement. They are GOTS, BAFTS, and Common Objective certified and make ethical and fair trade fashion their highest priority.

Prana | Best for basics and activewear for men and women

word image 1072 7

Headquarters| Boulder, CO; Portland, OR

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XS-XXL

Materials Used | Organic cotton

Prana seeks to create clothing that outfits people with sustainable clothes that work for any occasion; whether you are commuting to work or traveling the globe, they want to make sustainable and organic cotton clothing accessible to everyone. They also push boundaries and are always striving to improve and create positive change.

Vege Threads | Best for organic and locally made basics

word image 1072 41

Headquarters | Melbourne, AUS

Price Range | $$$

Size Range | XXS-3XL; 24-34

Materials Used | Cotton, hemp, and merino

Vege Threads used ACO (Austrialian Certified Organic) dye for all their jersey threads, they have an ethical supply-chain and are recognized by Ethical Clothing Austrialia for their transperancy and ethical supply-chain. All of their products are made and manufactured locally in Austrialia.

Satva Living | Best for organic cotton loungewear

word image 1072 8

Headquarters | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XS-XL

Materials Used | 100% organic cotton

Satva offers natural loungewear from leggings, t-shirts, bras, and sets. They use 100% organic cotton because it holds higher standards than conventional cotton. Satva is a GOTS-certified company, so they not only uphold textile standards but social and ethical standards as well. Curl up with a nice beverage and your new comfy clothes!

MATE The Label | Best for organic and sustainable women’s lounge and streetwear

word image 1072 10

Headquarters | Los Angeles, CA

Price Range | $$$-$$$

Size Range | XS-3X some items are only available in select sizes; however, these are their smallest and largest sizes

Materials Used | Cotton, linen, tencel, organic materials used to replace synthetic activewear materials, thermal, terry and fleece

MATE the label has eight strict standards that they uphold for themselves: clean, essential, organic, ethical, women-centered, plastic-free, circular, and local. They put heavy emphasis on sustainability, but unfortunately, with their higher price-point, their products may not be as accessible as they strive for. They also offer their products in quite an extensive size range from XS to 3X to accommodate all body types.

Outerknown | Best for organic outerwear

word image 1072 13

Headquarters| Culver City, CA

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XS-XL

Materials Used | Organic materials

Outerknown understands that you can enjoy the outdoors while simultaneously protecting and helping them. In addition to their new items you can shop used, and they plan to be a 100% circular fashion company by 2030, which is an incredible and ambitious goal! Talk about sustainable clothing!

Cleobella | Best for women’s ethical fashion

word image 1072 18

Headquarters | Huntington Beach, CA

Price Range | $$$$

Size Range | XS-XL

Materials Used | Organic cotton, linen, hemp, ecovero viscose

Cleobella’s globally inspired and ethically handmade clothes are their pride and they showcase that by their transparency and commitment to ethical materials. Cleobella also upholds cultural techniques by using hand-made woodworking prints for their clothes.

Back Beat Co. | Best for island-vibe casualwear

word image 1072 17

Headquarters | Los Angeles, CA

Price Range | $-$$$

Size Range | XS-XXL

Materials Used | Organic and recycled cotton, tencel, and hemp

For all your island-vibe and California aesthetic clothes needs, Back Beat Co.’s got you covered. They prioritize environmentally friendly and sustinable clothes and materials, putting profit second. As a women of color owned business, they believe in making a positive impact on the environment.

Recycled Materials

Tentree | Best for sustainable clothes that make an impact

word image 1072 46

Headquarters| Vancouver, CAN

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XS-XL

Materials Used | Tencel, cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester

For every item purchased through Tentree they plant ten trees; their name quite literally speaks for itself. As a company they believe that change starts small, from using reusable straws to purchasing organic and sustinable clothes. They use fair trade factories in which their artisans are fairly compensated for their labor and hard work to create sustainable clothes.

Tamga Designs | Best for vibrant sustainable island-fashion

word image 1072 50

Headquarters| Ontario, Canada

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XS-XXL

Materials Used | Tencel, lenzing ecovero, flax linen, and lenzing modal

Tamga Designs was curated out of the rubble of a garment factory collapse and they wanted to help make a change and create sustainable fashion. The couple that founded Tamga Designs were both working in Bangladesh for the UN. Today the designs are all hand-drawn and created in collaboration with fair trade factories.

Mara Hoffman | Best for women’s sustainable luxury-wear

word image 1072 45

Headquarters | New York City, NY

Price Range | $$$$

Size Range | XXS-3X

Materials Used | Econyl, reprieve, hemp, wool, cotton, linen, lyocell, and tencel

Mara Hoffman wants to change society’s conversation around fashion and shift people’s mindsets into making more conscious fashion decisions. She also is a pioneer towards bringing awareness to the industry’s responsibility to climate justice. In order to help artisans and producers create a lifestyle for themselves, she collaborates with women and small producers in developing countries that don’t have access to a globalized market.

Amour Vert | Best for sustainable femme fashion

word image 1072 28

Headquarters| San Fransisco, CA

Price Range | $$$

Size Range | XS-XL

Materials Used | Tencel, cupro, and wool

Amour Vert collaborates with mills to curate their own fabric from scratch, which means that their fabrics really are exclusive to their brand. Amour Vert also has environmental initatives that help plant trees when you buy one of their tees, so far they’ve planted over 353,000 trees throughout North America.

They also have a re-sale marketplace, ReAmour, that gives their pre-loved clothes a new home to last a lifetime.

Threads 4 Thought | Best for recycled and organic clothing along with accessories

word image 1072 27

Headquarters | New York, NY

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XS-3X; OS; 5-10; 25-31

Materials Used | Recycled polyester, organic cotton, tencel modal

Threads 4 Thought has accomplished a lot already since its founding in 2006, and they are only striving for higher accomplishments. 100% of their products are made from the most raw and organic materials, 80% of their main factories industrial water is recycled, 70% of their production is processed using WAVE bags and they plan to completely eliminate plastic bags all-together.

They plan to accomplish so much more with simultaneously bringing the global population sustainable and ethical clothing that lasts and you can feel good about purchasing.

Birdsong | Best for gender-neutral sustainable basics

word image 1072 40

Headquarters | London, UK

Price Range | ££-£££

Size Range | XS-3X

Materials Used | Tencel, bamboo, cotton, and reclaimed fabrics

Birdsong does something truly unique with their design process, not only are all their designs created in-house at their London studio, but they also share their designs with the community and get feedback that is taken into consideration when moving forward.

For Days | Best for zero-waste men’s and women’s essentials

word image 1072 11

Headquarters | Los Angeles, CA

Price Range | $-$$$

Size Range | XS-XXL

Materials Used | 100% recycled materials

If one thing stands out for days about FOUR DAYS, it’s their circular fashion initiative and take on recycling clothes. Not only can you feel good about purchasing their sustainable and zero-waste clothing but you can also make room in your closet by sending them your old clothes (YES any brand and in any condition) and get $20 towards their store.

If you want to be part of the story to save the environment and make fast fashion a thing of the past Four Days is definitely a front-runner of the sustainable clothing brands.

Thoughtword image 1072 15

Best For | Sustainable fashion and accessories

Headquarters| London, UK

Price Range | ££-£££

Size Range | 2-16 (US) 6-20 (UK)

Materials Used | Cotton, hemp, tencel, modal, recycled fibers, lenzing ecovero, seacell & bamboo

Three words. Zero plastic packaging. Thought has given the environment the upper hand when it comes to sustainable materials and supply-chain practices. Their clothes are made from recycled materials and a wealth of other natural materials and refuse to use plastic packaging. Thought also partners with Triad to bring a recycling program to its customers; by turning in your old clothes you can help save carbon emissions. If you’re not interested in wearing recycled plastic and prefer natural fibers, make sure to keep an eye on the materials used.

Patagonia | Best for outdoor and everyday essentials

word image 1072 31

Headquarters| Ventura, CA

Price Range | $$$$

Size Range | XXS-XXL

Materials Used | Organic cotton, infinna fiber, recycled spandex, polyester, nylon, down, wool, non-flourinated DWR, cashmere, natural rubber, denim, lyocell, tencel, hemp, polyurethane, and recycled fishing nets

Patagonia has been around for a while are is continuously making an impact on the environment in a positive way. By far, Patagonia has had the longest list of materials used in their products, but all their materials are recycled or organic. This goes to show that creating sustainable clothes doesn’t stop at cotton and linen.

Ted Baker | Best for workwear

word image 1072 49

Headquarters | London, UK

Price Range | $$$$

Size Range | 2-14 (women) XS-4X (men)

Materials Used | Cotton, polyester, and linen

Ted Baker is based out of London and is an sustainable luxury clothing store with a passion for sustainability and slow-fashion. They have a wealth of categories for men and women, including special events like weddings and prom.

For Kids

Tea Clothing | Best for sustainable children’s clothes

word image 1072 9

Headquarters | San Francisco, CA

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | 2-16 and 0-4T

Materials Used | 100% cotton

Tea clothing gives back to philanthropic efforts, repurposes’ clothes with Kidizen for a “Rewear” collection, and has a ton of incredibly adorable clothes for kiddos from seizes 0-16.

Crann Apparel | Best for colorful kids basics

word image 1072 32

Headquarters| Michigan, USA

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | 4-10

Materials Used | Organic cotton, tencel, lyocell, and hemp

Crann Apparel using organic materials, sustainable packaging, and designs that last and are made for layering. Crann offers sustainable children’s clothes that are simple, minimal, and clothes you feel good about your kids wearing. As a mother herself, the founder was tired of the “war of wills” to get her kids dressed every morning, and wanted clothes that was good to the environment and to her children’s health.

Mightly | Best for organic and sustainable kids clothes that lastword image 1072 34

Headquarters| Oakland, CA

Price Range | $-$$

Size Range | 2T-16; one size

Materials Used | Organic cotton

Eloise, the chief kid officer of Mightly, wanted comfortable clothes and her mom wanted clothes that lasted. Together, they curated Mightly to bring those same benefits and values to other families. They use 100% organic cotton in their clothes and their supply chain is becoming more environmentally friendly; Mightly is also fair trade certified. Any child wanting a nice sleep shirt can come here.

Eloise had her heart set on an idea and ran with it.

Accessories & Intimates

Brook There | Best for ethically made minimalist lingerie

word image 1072 16

Headquarters | Maine & Massachusetts, USA

Price Range | $-$$

Size Range | 32AB-38CD; XS-XXL

Materials Used | 100% organic cotton

With 100% organic cotton lingerie, Brook There caters to any occasion, casual or intimate, while also protecting the environment. Brook There prioritizes low-impact fabrics and production methods and keeps factories close to home to create better options for people and the planet.

WAMA Underwear | Best for hemp clothing

word image 1072 43

Headquarters | California

Price Range | $$-$$$

Size Range | XS-2XL

Materials Used | Hemp

WAMA uses hemp for their fabric because naturally, it has anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties, making it the best fabrics for intimates. They have their factories based out of China, who is the leader in hemp textiles as most of the crop is grown on organic local family farms. They have a five step supply chain that starts with the organic farms and ends at the WAMA headquarters, not to mention their packaging is 100% recycled and recylable.

Thinx | Best for intimate wear that is team periodword image 1072 2

Headquarters | New York City, NY

Price Range | $-$$$

Size Range | XS-2X

Materials Used | Cotton, nylon, and elastane

Thinx thought outside the box of tampons and pads for your period. They found a way to use sustainable and organic materials to make intimate wear for your period without needing a pad or tampon or sacrificing comfort. Thinx sells a line of organic cotton underwear.

Gaiam | Best for sustainable women’s active accessoriesword image 1072 4

Headquarters | Colorado, USA

Price Range | $-$$$

Size Range | No apparel

Materials Used | Rubber and Latex (6P free)

Gaiam stands for “I am the Earth” when roughly translated from ancient Greek. Their mission is to make fitness and wellness accessible to everyone and bring sustainable and organic materials to practice fitness and yoga.

What does it mean when clothing is organic?

Organic clothing implies that the materials used to produce the product were grown, harvested, and processed ethically and typically within fair trade factories. As we can see from the companies above, most are GOTS certified and uphold the highest standards for quality and environmental impact.

Why is organic clothing better?

When organic materials are used and sustainable supply-chain practices are used to create products, it is healthier on the environment by using less water and using less carbon throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, typical organic companies use non-toxic dyes for apparel, making the clothes safer to wear and better for sensitive skin.

Does clothing need to be organic?

Clothes do not need to be organic, but when you consciously look for organic clothes that put the plant and environment first, you get better quality, longer-lasting, and safer garments that you can pass down or get repaired. Buying organic clothes keeps the negative environmental impact at a minimum and helps produce a sustainable lifestyle.

Why is organic clothing more expensive?

When it comes to organic clothes, you pay for the quality. Organic clothes use the highest quality materials that are natural and raw, sometimes even on the rarer side. In addition, the quality and care that goes into producing the garment itself, such as fair trade factories and sustainable shipping and transport methods, means that you’re paying for that higher quality. Most of the time, companies that produce organic clothes are higher priced in order to FAIRLY pay their artisans and factory partners.

What are clothes made from naturally occurring materials?

Clothes that are made from naturally occurring materials means that the materials that are used are not man-made, such as spandex or polyester. Naturally occurring materials include cotton, silk (from silkworms), wool (from sheep), and leather (from animal hides). These are considered naturally occurring because they are produced by nature without the interference of people and are not man-made.

Which fabric is a natural fabric?

Natural fabrics consist of: cotton, wool, silk, and rayon. These are natural fabrics because they consist of fibers from plants, animals, or minerals. Cotton is a plant, wool is obtained from animals like sheep, silk comes from the cocoon of a silkworm, rayon comes from fibers made from cellulose.

What does 100% cotton mean?

100% cotton means that there are no other materials or fibers used to create that produce, the entire garment is made from cotton fiber or fabric. When you go to the store and look at a tag typically it will be anywhere from 30% to 100% cotton, when you don’t have 100% cotton there are other fibers such as spandex for stretch, or polyester.

Is 100% cotton a good quality?

100% cotton is a great quality to have in a garment. 100% cotton is often a pure fabric but will more expensive because of the quality and care that goes into producing the product. As mentioned earlier, 100% cotton means there are no other fibers or fabrics used in that garment and cotton is the only material being used to create it.

Final thoughts

When looking for clothing brands that produce organic clothing, always be sure to look at the labels. That’s a good rule of thumb for anything really! Even if it’s organic, not all of it might have what you want in there. Use your best judgment. Even with organic food, I always check the label.

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