A Day in the Life of a Speech Pathologist

It’s All About Communication

You might not think copy-editing or coordinating digital content for a newspaper would naturally transition into the field of speech pathology. But, according to Paul Rice, it’s all about communication.

In fact, Paul’s undergraduate science courses (especially biology and physics) combined with the 2 years he spent working for the newspaper, served as a perfect launchpad into his speech pathology career. It was his work on a story about babies born addicted to opioids that led him to pursue his Master’s degree.

In describing his days working with kids and motivating them to communicate, Paul says, “For kids, work is play.” However, the rest of his interview makes it pretty clear that he doesn’t believe play is just for kids. Paul deliberately makes time in his life for play — not only through online games that keep him connected to old friends, but also creating his own board game, complete with playing pieces.

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