A Day in the Life of a Physician Assistant

A Backfiring Plan

Lillie Brannen never thought she’d go into the medical field, even though she’s always loved science and considered herself good at it. In fact, she took an aptitude test to prove to her parents that it was the completely wrong choice for her–only to have her plan backfire! Currently finishing her Masters program to become a Physician Assistant, Lilly describes her route into the medical field as a twisty one. But after trying out a few different career paths, she feels it’s the right fit for her. 

Lillie shared with host Rachel Miles Sijacic that the role of Physician Assistant was developed for military medics who didn’t have a comparable job in civilian life. She’s glad she got accepted into PA school, and believes it’s going to be worth it in the long run. But she doesn’t want to gloss over the financial toll of taking on a large amount of student debt to get her degree. Lillie feels like most people don’t realize how expensive it is to go to PA school.

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The pandemic has impacted her daily life mainly through her frequent Covid exposure, creating the dilemma of whether it’s safe to hang out with her friends and family. But when she does, she enjoys going out, reading manga/webtoons, and playing board games with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she’s too busy to play video games these days, but says she does make time to watch other people play them online.

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