A Day in the Life of a Global Program Manager

Wearing Lots of Hats & Having the Shoes to Match!

At first glance, most people would never suspect Meighann Helene is an accomplished fire dancer. Spoiler alert: she is. But, that’s only the first of many surprising facts about her life that she shared on the show. Meighann wears many hats at work–including roles in Strategy and Growth, Data Science and User Experience. But, in addition to her work tasks, she’s also a passionate artist and community advocate. And according to Meighann, she has a pair of shoes to go with each of the many hats she wears daily!

Her educational journey has taken several twists and turns, beginning with 5 Associate Degrees. Ending up at UC Berkeley where she completed her Cognitive Science degree, Helene shares that all of her educational experiences play a big part in how she’s progressed in her career.

According to Meighann, A Day in the Life for her generally involves a lot of meetings, and a good bit of UX design projects. Outside of work, she is completing her second “Artist in Residency” program and living near the beach in Santa Barbara. She enjoys being a part of a community she jokingly describes as being made up of “artists and mad scientists.” To decompress when she’s not working, Meighann turns to art, dancing (and maybe surprisingly) video production. Check out our latest episode for a preview of some amazing creations and the apparatus used for dancing with fire!

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