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Top 14 AI tools for music production of 2024

Artists may now use AI music tools to produce the base melodies, write new songs, and even compose entirely AI-generated compositions for distribution on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Where it once took hours or days to write a song, perform all the instrumental parts, and mix down the track, AI tools now allow artists to automate and enhance many of these processes. These AI production tools not only save artists time and effort but also allow them to experiment with new sounds and push the boundaries of their music tools, revolutionizing the way artists produce music. 

With the help of these tools, artists can save time and explore new sounds that they might not have been able to create without AI. In this article, we will explore some of the best AI tools, highlighting their features and pricing.

How can AI generate music?

a young man recording in studio with microphone

AI can generate original music through machine learning techniques like neural networks. The AI is trained on large datasets of existing songs and compositions to recognize patterns in melody, rhythm, harmony, and structure. By analyzing these patterns, the AI can learn the “rules” of music composition. The neural network can then generate new music that follows similar practices and rules but results in entirely original compositions. The AI does not simply remix existing music – it creates new melodies, harmonies, and arrangements from scratch.

Some key ways AI can generate music are using generative algorithms, deep learning models, and systems that allow some level of human-AI collaboration. Generative algorithms can produce unique melodies and harmonies. Deep learning models can be trained to emulate different musical styles and genres. Overall, AI has tremendous potential to be creative and make its own appealing, original music through advanced machine-learning approaches.

What kinds of tasks can AI tools help with when making music?

a DJ mixer in a dark room with a city view in the background

AI tools can help with a lot of different parts of making music. They can help come up with musical ideas to start a song. They can create realistic instrumental and vocal sounds. They can improve the audio quality and polish of a song mix. And they can even help write original songs.

The main ways AI helps are by saving time, automating tricky tasks, and expanding possibilities. For example, AI can generate ideas and parts quickly so you can make more music. It can do technical stuff like mixing and mastering, which takes skill. And it lets anybody make high-quality music, even if they aren’t an expert with music software. 

Best AI tools for music production

Music is a universal language that can express emotions, tell stories, and inspire people. But creating music can be challenging, especially for those who lack the skills, time, or resources. Fortunately, there are many tools that use AI to help you create original music compositions in various styles and genres. Here are some of the tools to help you release your creative potential in music.


AIVA website - personal ai music generation assistant

AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Visual Artist) is an AI-powered platform that allows users to generate original music compositions in over 250 styles. It is designed to assist music creators, from beginners to professionals, in songwriting and music production.


  • Users can create custom-style models by uploading audio or MIDI influences
  • Offers a large selection of genres like pop, blues, jazz, etc.
  • Provides numerous music style options like atmospheric, exotic, ambient, etc.
  • Generates highly accurate and precise music
  • Has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Outputs are customizable
  • Allows exporting in formats like MP3, MIDI, WAV, etc.


  • Free Forever – €0
  • Standard – €11/month
  • Pro – €33/month

2. Mubert

Mubert website human x ai generative music

Mubert is an AI platform for creating exclusive royalty-free music and soundtracks aimed at streamers, app developers, filmmakers, and other creators. It utilizes AI to generate music by combining millions of high-quality samples.


  • AI-generated high-quality music
  • Extensive library of royalty-free music
  • Can generate tracks, loops, mixes, and jingles using AI
  • Allows entering a YouTube URL to take inspiration from the video to create custom music
  • User-friendly interface


  • Ambassador – Free
  • Creator – $11.69/month
  • Pro – $32.49/month 
  • Business – $149.29/month

3. landing page leverages advanced AI to compose unique mood-based music tailored to videos, podcasts, and other content. It allows the easy creation of high-quality music matching the tone of the user’s content.


  • AI-powered mood-based music composition
  • Creates high-quality music
  • Customizable length, genre, mood, and instruments
  • Industry-standard mixed and mastered music
  • Generates royalty-free music for videos, podcasts, etc


  • Free trial – $0
  • Subscription-based on minutes used:
    • 15min – $3/month
    • 30min – $10/month
    • 60min – $20/month
    • Buy minutes – 1 min = $1 (max 15 mins)

4. Landr

Landr website - creative tools for musicians

LANDR is an all-in-one AI-powered platform for creating, collaborating, mastering, distributing, and promoting music. It streamlines audio engineering through an intuitive interface. It provides virtual studio technology, a wide range of curated samples, and unlimited online masters, including full album mastering. Plus, it makes it easy to distribute your music to platforms like Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and more. LANDR is trusted by famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Snoop Dogg, and Seal.


  • 30+ exclusive virtual studio technologies
  • Large selection of curated samples
  • Unlimited online masters and revisions with full album mastering
  • Audio distribution to platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, etc.


  • Studio – $11.99/month
  • Studio Pro – $15.99/month

5. Soundraw

Soundraw website - ai music generator

Soundraw is an AI music composition tool that allows creators to generate royalty-free songs in seconds by specifying music type, instruments, mood, etc. Users can further customize the generated music to fit their needs.


  • Generate unlimited royalty-free songs
  • Customizable – modify intro, chorus position, etc.
  • Tailored plans for creators, artists, and background music needs
  • Forever usage license – no copyright strikes


  • Free Forever – $0
  • Creator Plan – $16.99/month
  • Artist Plan – $29.99/month

6. Magenta Studio

Magenta studio website - make music and art using machine learning

Magenta Studio by Google is a collection of AI-powered music plugins built using Magenta’s open-source tools and models. It utilizes advanced machine learning for music generation and integrates with top DAWs.


  • Diverse selection of AI-based music plugins
  • Seamless integration with popular DAWs
  • Promotes collaboration and customization through open-source tools
  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly interface
  • Free to use


  • Magenta Studio is a free tool

7. Orb Producer Suite 3

Orb producer suite 3 website - ai computing infinite patterns, melodies and basslines

Orb Producer Suite is a collection of 4 AI plugins for generating infinite musical patterns, chord progressions, melodies, basslines, etc. This tool uses cutting-edge technology to generate musical patterns and loops. It features a modern, easy-to-use interface and is compatible with a variety of digital audio workstations.


  • Computes endless musical patterns and loops using AI
  • Leverages state-of-the-art technology
  • User-friendly modern interface
  • MIDI can be easily dragged and dropped into any DAW
  • Supports all major DAWs and plugin formats


  • Plugin Suite – €99

8. Soundful

Soundful website - ai music generator

Soundful is a platform that uses AI to quickly generate royalty-free music for various types of content such as videos, streaming services, podcasts, and more. It’s designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to choose the genre and customize your music to ensure it’s unique and free from copyright issues.


  • Quickly creates royalty-free music using AI
  • User-friendly interface for genre/input selection
  • Algorithms trained by professionals ensure unique compositions
  • Provides an AI-powered end-to-end music creation experience
  • Integrates AI across vocals, composition, lyrics, etc.


  • Standard – Free forever
  • Content Creator – $29.99/year
  • Music Creator Plus – $59.99/year
  • Enterprise – Contact Soundful for custom pricing

9. Loudly

Loudly website - ai music for your creative universe

Loudly allows creators to instantly generate 100% royalty-free AI music for projects. It provides recommendations based on video concepts and customization options. The platform also offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to tailor the music to their specific needs and preferences.


  • Generate royalty-free AI music rapidly
  • Get AI-recommended music based on video topic
  • Easily customize music to fit the video


  • Free – $0
  • Personal – $7.99/month
  • Pro – $14.99/month
  • Enterprise – Contact Loudly for custom pricing

10. Boomy

Boomy website - generative music with ai

Boomy provides AI tools to help creators with no music background generate original songs. It also allows users to distribute their original compositions on popular streaming platforms, and receive royalties when their music is played on sites such as Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube. 


  • Create original songs in seconds without music skills
  • Offers various genres/playlists for inspiration
  • Collection of 170,000+ curated audio loops
  • Upload songs to Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube to earn


  • Free – $0
  • Creator – $9.99/month
  • Pro – $29.99/month

11. WavTool

WavTool website - original music with a suite of ai features

WavTool enables musicians of all levels to record, produce, and export browser-based music. It provides advanced features like sound synthesis, flexible audio routing, and side-chain compression, enabling musicians to produce, mix, and master music directly in their web browsers with the help of Conductor AI. It’s a tool that’s easy to use and suitable for musicians at all levels.


  • Record, compose, produce, mix, and master music in the browser
  • Conductor AI assists with beats, chords, melodies
  • Chatbot interface takes plaintext commands
  • Easily create backing instruments and tracks


  • Basic – $0
  • Pro – $20/month

12. Ecrett Music

Ecrett music website - royalty free music for creators

Ecrett Music uses AI to help content creators quickly and easily generate royalty-free music clips based on scene, mood, and genre. It has a large collection of songs that can be used as a base for creating new music. The software is easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Users can create music for videos, advertisements, games, and more without having to worry about licensing and copyright issues. 


  • Leverages training on a huge song library
  • Appeals to both beginners and experts
  • Enables composing music for videos, ads, games, etc.
  • Has an integrated royalty-free music generator
  • Allows customizing scene, mood, genre


  • Free – $0
  • Individual – $4.99/month
  • Business – $14.99/month

13. Cryo Mix

Cryo mix website - ai mixing and mastering

Cryo Mix is an online AI audio mastering and mixing tool that provides you with a professional mix and ready-to-release master, following the same steps as a top-level mixing engineer. Cryo Mix’s AI algorithm finds correct resonances, and perfect compressor settings and can make micro EQ adjustments. Cryo Mix was established by Craig McAllister, a platinum-certified mixing and mastering engineer with a Master of Electronics & Electrical Engineering degree.


  • Has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Instantly process the uploaded files, making the mixing and mastering sound professional
  • Has the option to adjust the vocal volume and use advanced mix settings
  • The tool provides the ability to add backing/adlib layers
  • Multiple file formats are supported, such as WAV and MP3


  • Basic – $29/month
  • Pro – $39/month
  • Expert – $99/month


LALAL.AI website - vocal remover and instrumental ai splitter

LALAL.AI leverages advanced artificial intelligence to empower music producers with stem extraction and separation capabilities for greater flexibility. It has the ability to isolate vocals, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, guitar, synthesizer, wind, and string instruments from audio tracks. This feature allows music producers to modify their levels, eliminate unwanted parts from the mix, and offer increased adaptability and management during the production phase.


  • Extract vocals, instruments, drums, etc., from audio/video
  • Removes unwanted elements from mixes
  • Enables the use of extracted samples in new compositions
  • Creates remixes mashups without needing original stems
  • Provides tools, API, and flexible pricing



  • Lite pack – $15 one-time fee
  • Pro pack – $35 one-time fee
  • Plus pack – $25 one-time fee


  • Master – $50 one-time fee
  • Premium – $190 one-time fee
  • Enterprise – $300 one-time fee

Music generated by AI

AI-generated music is a fascinating field that’s gaining traction. Here are some YouTube videos from different channels that showcase the capabilities of AI in music production.

1. I am AI – AIVA

I am AI by AIVA - Youtube video

This channel presents music composed by AIVA. Their channel has various musical pieces generated by AI. This song sounds like it belongs to a video game, with a lovely melody and instruments such as piano, violin, and brass.

2. Chill Beats for Productivity

Chill beats for productivity by AI Music -  Youtube video

This channel offers AI-generated music designed to boost productivity. These chill beats are ideal for staying focused and relaxed. Whether you’re studying, coding, or just need to relax, our AI-generated music is the perfect soundtrack for your day.

3. Deep Melodic House Mix

Deep melodic house mix by MusicByAI - Youtube video

For deep melodic house music fans, this AI-generated mix from MusicByAI is worth a listen. It shows how AI can create complex and pleasing musical arrangements. This 37-minute mix has catchy beats, melodies, and rhythms, making it a great mix for the club.

How to choose the right tools

Selecting the most suitable AI tools for your music production needs involves a few key steps.

1. Define your purpose

Start by understanding why you want to use AI-generated music. Are you looking to create unique soundtracks, experiment with new sounds, or simply streamline your music production process? Your purpose will guide your choice of tools.

2. Budget considerations

AI tools come in a range of prices, from free to premium. It’s important to set a budget that reflects your commitment and the value you expect to get from the tool.

3. Music genre

The genre of music you’re working on can influence your choice of AI tools. Some tools may be better suited for certain genres, so it’s worth researching which tools are popular within your genre.

4. Specific requirements

Identify your specific needs. Are you looking for a tool that can compose entire songs or one that can help with mixing and mastering? Your requirements will narrow down your options.

5. User-friendliness

Consider how easy the tool is to use. Some AI music generators are designed for beginners, while others have more complex features suitable for experienced musicians. Choose a tool that matches your level of expertise.

Final thoughts

AI music tools have opened up new possibilities for artists to create music more efficiently and creatively. While human artistry is still essential, AI can help generate raw material and handle technical tasks rapidly. When used properly, AI tools enable musicians to focus their time and energy on perfecting their craft rather than drudging through routine work. Artists can now be free to push their musical boundaries further, knowing AI can help realize their creative visions. Though still an emerging technology, AI promises to significantly evolve the music production landscape in the years to come.

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