A Day in the Life of a Narrative Designer

Go For It!

Early in Abigail Tyson’s career, a boss listened to her pitch an idea about an interactive blog tour for an author she was representing. Her boss replied, “I don’t understand that at all, but go for it.” And she did! Now a narrative designer, Tyson is passionate about reading, writing and playing games–which is a good thing. Because all three of those make up the bulk of her job duties at Arkane Studios. The only downside to having her career overlap so closely with her favorite hobbies, is “turning off her work brain” while playing video games in her free time. 

Even though she was disillusioned by her experience working in publishing for Young Adult readers, it ultimately put her on the path to her dream job. In fact, she states that everyone she works with took a different path to get into the industry–including vastly differing educational backgrounds. Now her day to day life involves creating content for video games, which is perfect for someone who describes herself as a writer at heart. Abigail still loves reading Young Adult books, and feels strongly that it’s the teenagers who need the stories the most–not the adults who also read the genre. Something many publishing professionals don’t seem to understand. 

In this week’s episode of A Day in the Life, Tyson shares about everything from crazy hair colors, wedding planning and her top five video games. Join us to get a behind the scenes look at the video game industry, which Abigail states has been incredible to work in.

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