A Day in the Life of a Holistic Health and Movement Coach

Showing Up Exactly As You Are

Nikki Dunlop noticed early in her personal training career that her clients were confiding more of their experiences with her than she’d expected. When her sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Nikki read the book called, When the Body Says No. This led to an interest in the way the human body holds emotion and overall holistic health practices.

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Now, a practicing holistic lifestyle and movement coach, Nikki helps clients process unresolved trauma in their bodies. Nikki shares that humans tend to suppress trauma in their bodies. This can be especially true with grief that is unresolved. Some of her favorite clients are former athletes like herself—a former hockey player.

A Day in the Life for Nikki usually begins with some Tai Chi and a walk. She makes sure to keep some time for herself in the morning. Then she tends to see clients between 10-2, followed by teaching college classes online. Sessions with clients involve natural movement, with a dose of fun! Nikki feels the most valuable thing she brings to each session with her clients is her full presence, allowing them to be exactly who they are on that day. Her hope is to see them feeling good, feeling well and living to their fullest potential.

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