A Day in the Life of a Marketing Maestro

All About Perception

Jordan Ashley originally planned on becoming a CPA, majoring in Accounting and Business Management. However, when she interned in accounting, Jordan soon realized the career wasn’t a good fit. Instead, she decided to pursue something she truly loved–sports. Her first job out of college took her to Charlotte, NC where she worked as a marketing assistant for the Big South Conference. 

Next, Jordan moved to Illinois to pursue her MBA, working full time during the day and taking classes at night. While in the program, another student took her aside and offered her some freelance marketing jobs. Those jobs went so well, she decided to leave her full time job and run the business with a partner. At the time, it felt like she’d given up the stability of a full time position, but soon realized that “stability is an illusion.” Now she utilizes the skills she used marketing sporting events into creating marketing plans for her customer’s events. 

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Jordan shares that she’s gone through a lot of trial and error getting the business where it is today. She loves her clients and especially loves owning her own time as a business owner. However, finding a routine can be challenging. Jordan says marketing is all about perception, and one of the challenges of the profession is that everyone has an opinion of how to do it the right way. Jordan never really planned to focus on social media, but it’s turned out that way. Tune in to learn about some of her posts that have gone viral.  

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