A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

When AI Was Almost Cool!

When Dr. Robert Joseph worked in AI (Artificial Intelligence) back in the early 1990’s, he describes how AI as a field hadn’t yet reached its full potential. Luckily, he had interests in many different roles within the tech industry, so he was able to pivot his skills into new jobs several times over the years. One thing that has remained consistent over the years is his love of learning and seeking higher education. That love has now translated into his role as a teacher — both at the university level with students as well as integrating it into his company to serve his clients.

Team Mindshift, a company Robert co-founded with his long time business partner, aims to create a shift in how people think about education as well as how people think about technology and applying it to helping people learn. Cognizant of different learning styles, and the negative messages people often feed themselves, his company hopes to create employees confident in their tech skills and ready to be a vital part of the industry. Of course, the “almost cool” AI component is also integrated into Team Mindshift’s philosophy.

Robert’s best advice is “follow your passions” but find a way to put bread on the table. He’s the proud dad to two young adult sons, whose activities he prioritizes by putting them on the calendar and honoring them. Dr. Joseph believes in telling clients he is putting his kids’ activities first, and not feeling bad about it. On his own time he’s also taken up various hobbies including puzzles and audiobooks. Before signing off, he recommends sharing experiences (and landmines you’ve stepped on!) with recent grads entering the field. We hope you’ll join us for the episode.

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