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Energy Medicine – How Energy Healing Can Help the Body Through Spiritual Therapy

Energy medicine was coined in 1980 as a term to describe alternative medicine. It has been practiced for centuries in Eastern cultures but has made its way into more mainstream cultures and practices.

The basic idea is that instead of using traditional Western medicine practices, you help heal the body by channeling the energy that is present in all of us.

What is energy medicine?

You may already be familiar with many basic aspects of energy medicine, have tried it before, or have heard of it. Among these are acupuncture, Reiki, crystal healing, aura cleansing, and even simple practices such as meditation can all become a part of energy medicine.

The mind-body relationship and the energy surrounding us are becoming a larger part of scientific research around overall health and healing.

Techniques and therapies can vary depending on practitioners, but the basics around energy healing involve channeling the body’s energy to increase the positive flow of energies throughout our bodies.

What are ways you can incorporate energy medicine into your routine?

There are a few different ways you can incorporate energy medicine into your daily routine and a few examples you may already be familiar with or have tried.

Yoga is quite popular for helping you regulate your emotional health, reduce anxiety, and a therapeutic wellness technique to improve your overall quality of life.

Among other practices are Reiki, acupuncture, touch therapy, EFT tapping, somatic experience, polarity and chakra balancing, crystal and aura healing, and shamanistic healing.

Different types of energy healing

We’ve mentioned a few of the different therapies around energy healing, and we’ll go into detail on each one below and how it helps with the health and healing of your mind, body, and spirit.


The basics of BioGeometry involve the science of using the energy principles of shape to balance energy and its interaction with the environment. It was initially founded by an Egyptian scholar in 1968 when he studied ancient architecture early in his career.

Certain spots around the globe are referenced as sacred power spots – ancient animals and humans were more in tune with this type of energy and these locations than we are today – but they have the power to provide energy healing and therapy.


Reiki is a form of traditional Japanese energy medicine practice

Reiki started in Japan during the early 20th century and has since taken off as a major practice in energy medicine, healing, and eliminating negative energy throughout the body’s energy centers. The idea is that the practitioner gently moves their hands just above the client’s body to encourage positive energy flow to help reduce stress and anxiety.

While scientific evidence is limited, there are theories that indicate this practice uses the biofield to facilitate the movement of energy throughout the body. For example, the brain and heart both produce an electrical field, leading to the idea that this energy can be manipulated through guided therapy and energy healing.


Acupuncture is a very well-known form of energy medicine used across the globe

Acupuncture is a large part of the traditional Chinese culture that believes the human body has over 2,000 acupuncture points that help increase the energy flow throughout our bodies. Evidence shows this therapy helps many chronic pain issues and other related health conditions.

It has been known to help with menstrual cramps, dental pain, low back pain, addiction, headaches, asthma, nausea, carpal tunnel, and even fibromyalgia. This practice uses hair-thin needles that are pushed into specific body pressure points to a certain point. From there, these can be either heated or have a small current run through them to help aid further.

Touch Therapy

Touch therapy is a way of channeling ones energy field to heal the body

Touch therapy is another unique way of using your energy field to help heal – it’s also referred to as healing touch therapy. Despite “touch” being part of the term, the hands typically hover above the clients or gently rest on them. There is no solid scientific evidence as to how touch therapies help patients. Still, there are theories that this practice helps restore cell communication and relieves pain and disease through the body’s system.

The ability of healers who practice this technique to help increase the vibrational center in your body and allow it to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain has increased its popularity over the years. Practitioners all have slightly different methods of practice. Still, every healer should understand how energy moves throughout your body and the physical and spiritual aspects of healing.

EFT Tapping

EFT tapping is an alternative to acupuncture

EFT therapy is an alternative to acupuncture therapy because it still targets energy flow throughout the body to heal pain and other related health conditions. It’s shown improvements for veterans with PTSD and individuals with anxiety and depression.

EFT tapping therapy works similarly to acupuncture without the penetration of needles. Instead, it is tapping your body in various acupuncture locations to release stress and balance energy. There is still scientific research on how exactly these types of treatments work, but many healers have already shown improvements in the overall wellness of their clients.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing is a way to release trauma from the body

Somatic experiencing is a term that describes a naturalistic and neurobiological way to reduce stress and heal trauma through energy centers and other treatments. It is physical and emotional, with techniques to target and rebalance a patient’s energy.

The idea of this practice is that through physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance, your body can release and overcome the survival energy trapped within your body from trauma – to live a more in-the-moment and carefree life.

Polarity Balancing

Polarity therapy is a way to reverse the polarity of your energy in order to heal the body

This practice is another form of energy healing that focuses on switching the polarity of your body’s energy flow to help heal and treat various ailments. These practitioners often use a combination of meditation, yoga, healthy eating, exercising, and other hands-on techniques.

The idea comes from issues with the body being reflected by the positive and negative charges of your electromagnetic field and using the techniques mentioned above to help remove an energy blockage.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are continuously related to the body's energy and balancing it

We have seven chakras throughout our body, and to help heal and protect our physical body, healing the chakras has been known to be directly related. The seven chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. The process of chakra healing is to cleanse and release the energy that is either trapped or blocked in these locations – which can be for several reasons.

This practice is an entire spiritual session that focuses on the flow of energy and frees up any blockages that may be present. Like meditation, you’ll focus on breathing and the vibrational presence of your body.

Crystal Healing

Using crystals to healyour energy is similar to that of Chakra therapy

Crystal and chakra healing is similar in that crystals are a large part of the therapy and the healing process. There is still not much medical evidence – yet there are differing techniques.

Different crystals are known for healing different parts of your body or different ailments. Rose quartz and obsidian are a few of the popular ones that are commonly used in practices.

Aura Cleansing

Your aura is capable of absorbing others energy - cleansing is important

Your aura is our vibrational energy- some people can sense others’ energy. Like when you walk into a room that feels tense and dark or when you meet someone new, and you instantly get along because your energies seem to click. Aura’s are incredibly powerful in that we can often pick up others’ energies with our aura – which is when cleansing comes into play.

Meditation is a popular way to cleanse your aura and has other noticeable health benefits. Spending time in nature, using crystals, and making time for healing your inner child. This can be done by playing, dancing, playing with animals, or anything that helps target your inner child.

Shamanic Healing

This is a very traditional and ancient practice within Native American and other cultures

Shamanic healing has been a practice for a long time, and you may have heard of it from learning about the Native American culture and other cultures worldwide. It is a powerful modality that focuses on releasing emotional traumas, physical pain, blockages, and burdens and helping you transform into a healthy and happy version of yourself.

Throughout the session, the main focus is to relax and welcome restoration – while the shamanic healer works on aligning and cleansing your energy flow. Each healer may conduct their session slightly differently, following similar principles.

What energy medicine IS NOT

Energy medicine is not a solid and scientifically recognized medical procedure – but there is still research on subtle energy practices and therapies. There are still practitioners and healers certified in certain therapies, but as far as medically recognized, it is not quite there yet.

The important part of these energy medicine practices is that you have some belief and appreciation for the process, culture, and history behind them. If you go into these therapies and sessions not believing in the power they hold or keeping your mind open, it will be hard to recognize the effects they can have.

Final thoughts

The entire process, history, and culture surrounding energy medicine are incredibly powerful and inspiring. There are many natural and holistic ways to help your body heal, overcome trauma, release blockages, and heal your emotions without following traditional medical procedures.

With anything medical, however, if you are interested in trying any of these holistic practices, its essential to consult your primary physician first to make sure that nothing you want to try will interfere with any current treatment.

Each experience, session, practice, and technique will be different. Still, the healer and practitioner you choose will be able to guide you through the process and help you have a wonderful and profound experience.

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