A Day in the Life of Ph.D. Student and Mom

Triple Threat

Ph.D. candidate Anne Chance is a triple threat in more ways than one. Not only is she Mom to 9 year-old triplets, her doctoral program at Kennesaw State University encompasses International Conflict Management, Peacekeeping, and Development. 

This program seems at first glance to be incredibly broad. However, Anne’s “dream job” is to work for UNESCO, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Specifically, Anne is interested in World Heritage Sites. These sites are designated as having ‘Outstanding Universal Value’ and are significant across countries and generations. Through multiple interviews in the process of her dissertation, Anne developed an interest in identifying bias and/or prejudice that’s applied to the selection process–which has traditionally been very Western-focused.

 Anne shared her tips for self-care while balancing her triplets (who she says could be a law firm!) with homeschooling during Covid, as well as her own Ph.D. courses. Be sure to check the list of World Heritage Sites!

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