A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

“The Monkeys Saved Me”

Only a person with a life as fascinating as Dan Carroll could throw out a line like that and have it make complete sense!

As Media Engagement Director for Atlanta’s renowned Dragon Con, Dan has numerous stories of memorable guest (i.e. pop culture phenomenon) encounters to share. Avenging Carrie Fisher’s mistreatment by press he’d credentialed, reuniting “Darth Vader” with “Chewbacca,” and being asked to hang out with a celebrity he admired are a few he shared on the inaugural episode of A Day in the Life.

For anyone who thinks they’ve got to have their career plans nailed down by the time they graduate from high school or college, Dan’s story blows that idea completely out of the water. In fact, his aspirations as a young adult never fully came to fruition. Instead of living in Siberia putting his hard-earned Russian language skills to use, he taught himself HTML, focused on his strengths, and earned the credentials he needed to launch a successful career as a Senior Project Manager.

Listening to Dan share his life experiences is inspirational and instructive. You won’t want to miss this episode.

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