young female professional at a computer

A story about a young professional

Let me tell you a story about a young professional named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth worked in a corporate job. She was very successful and made good money. She also did many activities outside of work.

But something wasn’t right.

She’d come home at the end of the day exhausted. Burdened with guilt and shame that she had these things she wanted to do but no energy to do them. Like many people, she’d come home, turn on the TV, and turn off her brain.

One day, Elizabeth realized that this wasn’t what she wanted out of life. She realized that she only had one chance at this lifetime before this version of herself passed on.

Elizabeth knew she had to make a change. She thought it might be her job she needed to change, but she wasn’t sure what she wanted to go into instead.

Letting go

So, the first thing she did was to tidy her home. She went through the process of deciding which items to keep. She started identifying what truly sparks joy for her. As she went through her belongings, category by category, her “joy meter” was honed, and she began to simplify her possessions and understand what was important to her.

Once she’d figured out what possessions were important to her, she began to discern which of her activities were important to her. She realized that she took martial arts classes because she felt obligated to do them. She took the improv classes because she thought she needed them to make her a better communicator, rather than something she honestly had fun doing. The community orchestra she’d joined had been out of an obligation to continue practicing her clarinet rather than true love of being in the orchestra.

Elizabeth quit all of those activities but one: the salsa classes she loved so much. She asked herself, “Does this spark joy?” to every activity.

Embracing health and vitality

Once Elizabeth’s life had become more joyful, she became eager for more opportunities to change. Elizabeth started eating right for her dietary needs and eliminating all processed foods. She started taking breaks to get up and move during her eight-hour workday.

Over about six months, she lost 60 pounds, felt better, and her skin, hair, and nails were more vital. Everyone noticed the difference in her. While she was beautiful before, she had transformed into her higher self.

Feeling empowered by this new change, Elizabeth enrolled in functional diagnostic nutrition and holistic lifestyle coaching classes to learn the theoretical side of what she’d experienced.

Speaking up

As Elizabeth got healthier, she became more self-aware. Like many women, she didn’t advocate for herself. She had a hard time expressing her needs in her relationships. In short, she realized she needed to find her voice.

Elizabeth started small. She started saying no to meetings at work she didn’t have to go to. Moreover, she started saying no to things she didn’t need or want to do. She stopped letting people walk all over her. Most importantly, she began to put her needs first to be more present for her loved ones.

With this mindset shift, Elizabeth realized what she felt was missing in her working life. It wasn’t that she was in the wrong field; her workday was filled with tasks that drained her rather than energized her. She did some critical thinking about what she enjoyed doing at work, even documenting the tasks she did during the day and rating them. Once she realized the tasks she didn’t enjoy, she started seeing how to eliminate them. She sought out more opportunities to do the tasks she loved. She talked openly with her manager, who supported her in this.

Eventually, Elizabeth got promoted to do precisely what she wanted to do.

It’s all about mindset

Elizabeth didn’t need to change her job. She needed to change her mindset and how she allowed people to treat her. She took ownership of her life, realizing that she could control her destiny.

As Elizabeth continued through life, she began attracting more Elizabeths to work with. She started helping others change their mindset, reclaim their health, and find their voice. Almost by accident, she had a new side hustle. 

She knows now that change won’t happen without the right mindset. Without health, you can’t succeed in life. Without expressing your voice, no one will know who you are. They won’t benefit from your fantastic story. And that would be a real shame.

Elizabeth now helps the people she works with shine their voice into the world. She either coaches them to share their story or does it for them with her writing, editing, and research services that she cultivated in her professional environment.

Now, I’ll let you in on a bit of secret: Elizabeth was my first client, and Elizabeth is me. Elizabeth is my middle name.

And that’s my story.