A Day in the Life of a Pharmacist

Someone to Lean On

When Katie Anderson Peacock was growing up, she observed her grandmother seemingly become sunburned while sitting in the kitchen. As someone with an interest in science, she wanted to understand how this was possible. When it turned out the “sunburn” was caused by her grandmother’s medication, Katie wondered, “Whose job is it to make sure people understand the medicines that they take?” The answer to that question is what led her on the path to earning her PharmD and becoming a community pharmacist. 

When asked to describe what a typical day in the life is like for her, Katie explains that no two days at work are ever exactly the same. However, one thing is always true–she leaves work each day knowing she’s made a difference. In fact, Katie sees her role as being the person someone can lean on to help them through understanding their medications and the changes they can make to live healthier. Part of her job is to make sure a patient’s life is as easy as possible, and to make sure their medication isn’t taking over their life, but supporting it. 

On days she is not working, Katie enjoys spending time with her sister and gardening. Recently married to someone she’s known for almost twenty years, Katie feels fortunate to have both sets of parents so close to home. Even in her down time, Katie enjoys educating people about the role of pharmacists, and the importance of preventative vaccines and medications–especially during Covid. Check her out on Instagram @KatiethePharmD. 

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