A Day in the Life of a Museum Educator

Life Outside the Lower 48

Christine with her husband and corgi, Winston!

Have you ever thought about packing up and taking off for rural Alaska? If you’re adventurous enough to set off on that type of journey without looking back, you’ll definitely want to watch this episode of A Day in the Life.

Guest Christine Cassidy Itta shares with host Rachel Miles Sijacic her reasons for leaving South Carolina (where all her friends and family lived) to teach in a remote town in “The Land of the Midnight Sun” where she didn’t know a soul.

Now living in Anchorage where she is responsible for educational programming at The Anchorage Museum, Christine has become passionate about curriculum — especially when it comes to making sure kids (and by creating a ripple effect, all of us) are properly educated about the history of indigenous peoples in America.

Christine began her interview with a land acknowledgment, and shared many historical facts most of us never learned in school. Find out the native lands you live on here!

Like most people, the Covid-19 pandemic shook things up for museum educators, causing her job responsibilities to shift. But through it all, she’s never lost her focus.

In addition to the serious topics covered, you can learn a few new words and phrases, fun places to visit in Alaska, and what visitors from South Carolina think about seeing snow on Denali in June. We hope you’ll join us.

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