A Day in the Life of a Software Engineering Manager

Life Off the Ranch

Software engineering manager Matt Compton has worn several career hats since finishing his Masters degree at Georgia Tech–including a stint at the Atlanta based company, Big Nerd Ranch

Even though his current role is in management, Matt shares that people should not see moving into management positions as the only option for career growth. He believes management is a different career track, with a completely different skill set. And just like engineering or app development, you should only do it if you enjoy it. 

Growing up in a small (at the time!) town in Georgia, Matt describes his perspective before going to college in Atlanta as limited and US centric. After meeting his wife, who grew up in Switzerland, his views of the world have broadened–for the better, even though talking politics at dinner took some adjusting. In his downtime, Matt’s currently enjoying kickboxing and online gaming. However, with the recent birth of his son, his free time might be a bit more limited in the future!

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