A Day in the Life of a Product Designer

“Are You Even Solving a Problem?”

Current Atlassian Product Designer Natasha Yeh began her career in illustration. Though it may seem like a stretch to think illustration would be helpful in the field of technology, Natasha doesn’t think so. Her illustration skills and background help her tell the stories she needs to connect ideas, collaborate with her team and ultimately solve problems. Because, if you’re not solving customer’s problems, what’s the point?

In this episode of A Day in the Life, Natasha talks about researching salary ranges and finding a company that feels like the “right fit.” Though Atlassian is an Australian company which means she doesn’t share the same calendar as the rest of her team–their Monday is her Sunday–the culture and energy is exactly what she was searching for.

Like many of us, Natasha has picked up some new hobbies such as growing plants during the pandemic as well as rediscovered some old ones like illustration. You definitely won’t want to miss her recommendation for an HBO series based on San Francisco’s Chinatown during the California Goldrush of the 1800s. For Natasha, it was particularly meaningful given her ancestry. We hope you’ll join us!

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